Sweet humdrum days

Connla Stokes

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Art: Oslo Davis.

Sometimes I revisit the halcyon days of early 21st century Hanoi in my mind. How about you, buddy? No, I’m not talking about the dizzying highs like when I fell in love twelve times in the space of an afternoon without even getting off my motorbike, or when you won seventeen games of pool in a row in Apocalypse Now (even beating the guy who took it so seriously he had a special glove and came with his own cue), or when Vietnam hosted the 22nd SEA Games (heady, heady times). And I’m sure as hell not talking about the terrifying lows (mostly involving motorbike crashes, prolonged bouts of diarrhoea, and encounters with strange, whisky-addled and/or reptillian men after the hour of 3am).

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