The Mekong Review is literary magazine from Southeast Asia. Every quarter, it publishes book reviews, essays, interviews, profiles, poetry and fiction from Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines and beyond.

The Mekong Review was launched at the Kampot Writers and Readers Festival in Cambodia in November 2015. Our ambition was to publish a magazine that would bring the region’s literary and intellectual life to a broader audience. Today it’s available in the major cities of Southeast Asia, Australia and the United States.

An independent publication, the magazine has no political, institutional or commercial affiliations.


What people have said about us:

“The Mekong Review is a welcome arrival, not least for its willingness to engage with, and sometimes interrogate, a diverse mix of writers, artists, thinkers and politicians who are interested in the region.” – Patrick Allington

“[It] eschews the modern notion of multiplatform publishing, embracing print as the major medium in the way that, say, Tyler Brûlé’s Monocle rejoices in the medium at the other end of the economic scale.” – Mediaweek

“Supporters say it is a welcome platform for Southeast Asian writers and scholars of the region, as well as a sharp political voice in countries where speech is perennially threatened.” – New York Times

“The Mekong Review avoids the easy clichés through which the West views Southeast Asia and offers instead a rich, in-depth and nuanced portrait of the region.” – Emma Larkin

“The smartest literary review to come out of Southeast Asia.” – Tilted Axis Press

“There hasn’t been anything like this. Ever.” – Bernice Chauly

“The publishing event of the year.” – Alexander Hinton

“The best review in Southeast Asia.” – Gregory Stanton

“A polished quarterly journal.” – Financial Times