Frontier flux

David Eimer

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Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy marked the first anniversary of their ascent to power in March with their now-customary silence. One of the many curious aspects of Suu Kyi’s tenure as state counsellor and de facto leader of Myanmar has been her refusal to hold press conferences, or even issue regular statements to the media.

Staying tight-lipped, though, can’t stop the criticism from both home and abroad breaking upon the democracy icon and Nobel Peace Prize winner like the waves that crash into the 2300-odd kilometres of Myanmar’s coastline. Suu Kyi’s halo has slipped to the point that discussion of her year in power prompts sorrowful shaking of heads among Yangon’s diplomats, NGO workers and activists, while newspapers around the world are queuing up to chronicle her fall from grace.

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