Dear readers
I hope this note finds you and your family in good health, wherever you may be. First, apologies for the radio silence. You haven’t heard from us because, like everyone else, we’ve been preoccupied with the health of our nearest and dearest. The good news is, at the time of writing, we are all well and out of danger.
Like a lot of businesses everywhere, we’ve been in lockdown hibernation. The publishing industry – from printers to distributors to retailers – has been on hold. The global supply chain, on which we are unavoidably reliant, has been severely disrupted during these past months. But things are starting to look up in many parts of the world, and so we hope to be back in business soon.
As we get set to reboot Mekong Review, our first priority is to produce the forthcoming May issue and get it to you. As you may have guessed, it will come a little later than normal and it will be paperless; our printer and distributor are still in lockdown mode. If you are a print subscriber, you will be emailed a PDF of the magazine, designed and curated as though it were in print. Please note that this is a one-off. We expect to resume our print edition in August.
For those of you who usually get your copy from your local bookshop or cafe, the May issue will not be available in our regular outlets. But you can still access the magazine by purchasing a PDF of the issue or, better still, by subscribing and enjoying the great savings on offer.
If you are an existing digital subscriber, nothing changes.
Given the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, we hope you will understand the need for these temporary measures. We thank you for your patience and your continued support – rest assured, we are working hard to keep Mekong Review going in these trying times.
More next week ...
Warm regards
Minh Bui Jones
Publisher and editor
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