These are the faces of our supporters. Just a few of them, mind. It would take a whole page to list them all.

At least once a week I get an offer of help from a stranger. Only recently, Peter Gammie, from Sydney, said, over coffee, “I’m going to Ho Chi Minh City soon. Can I take some copies for you?”. Not long ago I spoke on Skype to Zachary Stockill, a Canadian living in Chiang Mai, who’s offered to find a shop for us in his adopted city. Just hours before that, I'd received an email from Amy Doffegnies, a contributor to the magazine: “I'd love to do the honour of ferrying copies of Mekong Review around SE Asia one day.”

With support like that, how can any magazine fail?

If delivering copies were the only work required, then we'd be a runaway success — up there with Paris Review and the London Review of Books. Alas and alack, deliveries do not a magazine make. They're only the tail-end of a long undertaking. First comes the commissioning, then the editing, subbing, designing, etc. Somewhere in the messy middle the photos and illustrations require attention. It takes two months, all in all, before each issue is ready for the printer. And after that, deliveries.

All of this is to say we need more than faithful mules. We also need money. And as a literary magazine without any corporate or institutional backing, money is something we’re always short of.

Whenever we set out to produce another issue, we stare at the prospect of, well, wondering if we’ll be able to pay for it. We need some money, but not a lot — we run a tight ship — to make sure it will happen. If you like what we do and believe that what we do is worthwhile, please give a bit to keep us going. Every donation is a stepping stone to the next issue.

If we make it, we’ll still need those mules.

Thank you.

Minh Bui Jones

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